Parisian jeweller FRED Unveils New Collection and the FRED Hero Cut Diamond

As part of its latest collection of high jewellery, Monsieur Fred Inner Light, Maison FRED presented a new diamond cut, FRED Hero Cut.

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First and foremost, this collection is a homage to the founder of Maison FRED, Fred Samuel. The jeweller was famed for boldly challenging the rules, with groundbreaking creations designed for both men and women. A radiant, modern creator, he always kept an eye on the future, and created exceptional pieces which have since become iconic.

Today, FRED unveils 24 unique creations, in a 6-chapter collection which recounts the story and personality of Fred Samuel. The line includes Force 10 Winning Spirit, with its brand new 32-facet diamond, FRED Hero Cut. This cut epitomizes the light, which was a guiding force for Fred Samuel throughout his life.

For diamonds, when cut, are the most luminous stone of all. Furthermore, this exclusive diamond also represents a value system: it is a symbol of strength, courage and perseverance.

Charles Leung, Chief Executive Officer of FRED: “For a jeweller, creating a new stone cut is always an exceptional moment”.

This new cut was to express the spirit of our times, as seen by Fred Samuel – a goal which Valerie Samuel, Vice-President and Artistic Director of FRED, no doubt attained. It should be noted that this cut required over six months of development, and that its boat-shaped design hints at the jeweller’s passion for the ocean. Moreover, FRED Hero Cut is displayed on an iconic piece, Force 10.

This famous bracelet, created in 1966, is a symbol of self-improvement and resistance. Each of the Winning Spirit pieces comes as an immediate surprise.

Photo courtesy of Esprit Joaillerie

The Soleil d’Or Radiant Energy chapter is a tribute to Fred Samuel’s luminous personality – as well as a nod to the Soleil d’Or diamond, a landmark in the history of Maison FRED.

Soleil d’Or is a fabulous fancy intense yellow 101,57 carat diamond. Acquired by FRED in 1977, this emerald-cut diamond, with its intense yellow square facets, is part of Maison FRED’s heritage. The same intense, warm light emanates from Soleil d’Or Radiant Energy, whose white and yellow diamond lines recall a magnificent sunset on the sea – making the aura of these jewels all the more precious.

fred hero cut diamond
Photo courtesy of Fred

With Monsieur Fred Inner Light, Maison FRED has undoubtedly created one of the most beautiful high jewellery collections in its history.