Exceptional JAR Jewellery Collection at Christie’s

Christie’s jewellery auctions are always highly anticipated. The one scheduled in Geneva was no exception, as it featured a stunning collection by the jeweller, JAR.

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“Eye” bracelet: sapphires, spinel and diamonds © Christie's

It must be said that JAR’s jewellery is already sought after, but with a collection of 25 pieces acquired over the past 15 years, this sale was certainly a major event for high jewellery collectors. The auction provided a rare opportunity to own a unique piece by JAR, considered one of the greatest jewellers of our time.

Based in Paris, JAR is the pseudonym for Joel Arthur Rosenthal, who founded his jewellery house in 1978 with his partner Pierre Jeannet. Since then, JAR has become one of the most renowned jewellers in the world, thanks to his fabulous pieces and unique approach to jewellery creation. Like works of art, JAR’s creations are one-of-a-kind, with designs that push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of jewellery. However, JAR’s approach to working with diamonds is particularly remarkable about the jeweller. For JAR, diamonds are not simply precious gems to be added to jewellery, but rather integral design elements. In fact, he creatively uses diamonds to add texture, color, and above all, depth to his creations.

Earrings adorned with yellow sapphires and diamonds © Christie’s


That explains why texture is one of the most striking features of JAR’s jewellery. Diamonds are often cut in a way that it creates luminous surfaces or relief effects. In some pieces, JAR even uses rough diamonds or uncut pieces to create even more spectacular effects. The use of rough diamonds may seem unusual in high jewellery, but for JAR, it is a way to create jewellery that appears organic and natural rather than manufactured.

Earrings adorned with diamonds
© Christie’s

Undoubtedly, this jeweller has a penchant for creating pieces that appear to float on the skin. It is worth noting that diamonds are often mounted on invisible settings, such as platinum or gold wires, giving the impression that the jewellery is suspended on the skin without any visible support. This technique imparts incredible lightness and fluidity to JAR’s pieces.

Indeed, JAR’s jewellery is fabulous, especially those that showcase diamonds. His creativity and unique approach to high jewellery make each piece a true masterpiece. If you have the opportunity to see the jewellery in person, you will undoubtedly be amazed by the beauty and creativity of these one-of-a-kind jewellery.