De Beers Expands on its Most Iconic Design

The new collection features a modern twist with transformable high jewellery

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Photo Credit: De Beers

Every fine jewellery house needs an iconic motif, an instantly recognizable design element that can work with almost any type of fine jewellery. The mark of a true iconic motif is one that can be used and adapted in infinite ways yet still be recognizable and stay true to a brand’s identity. Take Louis Vuitton’s repeating monogram, for example. For De Beers Jewelers, that icon is undoubtedly the Enchanted Lotus. 

De Beers Enchanted Lotus Collection earrings
Photo Credit: De Beers

The Enchanted Lotus design is inspired by the lotus flower, which blooms in sunlight, retreats into the water at night, and re-emerges every morning. The lotus flower has long been a spiritual symbol of purity and eternity. De Beers seeks to reflect this symbolism and the flower’s elegant shape in their designs adorned with natural diamonds, themselves a time-honored symbol of eternity. Since launching in 2009, the Enchanted Lotus has become an icon of De Beers Jewelers, translating an ancient natural symbol into modern, wearable natural diamond jewellery. 

De Beers celebrates this motif with a series of new high and fine jewellery designs to be released in December 2022. The versatility of the Enchanted Lotus is on display with new colors, playful modern designs, and transformable high jewellery. The signature range embodies the House’s passion for capturing the beauty found in nature. 

The first series of new designs were featured in the De Beers: Where It Begins campaign that debuted in October, starring their first global ambassador, Lupita Nyong’o. In the campaign, Nyong’o is seen wearing three new Enchanted Lotus designs. An elegant pendant, a ring, and a pair of stud earrings are all crafted in 18K white gold and set with round-brilliant and pear-shaped diamonds, which form a graphic interpretation of the floral motif illustrative of the lotus flower in full bloom. The limited-edition pieces released in October will be followed by a global launch of the pendant in December and the ring and earrings in April 2023.

Transformable High Jewellery

In time for the holiday season, De Beers will also launch new high jewellery pieces featuring the Enchanted Lotus. The new designs champion the tradition of transformability seen in high jewellery. 

The Enchanted Lotus necklace is adorned with 6.64 carats of diamonds. It features a removable central motif in which the elegant shape of the lotus flower is represented by pear-shaped and round brilliant diamonds suspended from a diamond lotus leaf. The motif can be detached and worn on a fine chain, while the diamond necklace can be worn with or without the lotus drop to create two distinctive looks.

De Beers Enchanted Lotus Collection necklace
De Beers Enchanted Lotus Pendant

 A new brooch set with 3.86 carats of diamonds can be worn on its own, or attached to a lariat-style diamond necklace, finished with two pear-shaped diamond droplets suspended from a ribbon of cascading diamonds. These new high jewellery designs embody De Beers’ contemporary aesthetic while ensuring versatility and wearability.

De Beers Enchanted Lotus Collection brooch
De Beers Enchanted Lotus Brooch

A Contemporary Twist On Classics

In addition to the new high jewellery pieces, De Beers will expand the Enchanted Lotus collection with modern twists on classic forms. An asymmetric open bangle features the diamond lotus motif at one end and a lotus leaf formed of round brilliant diamonds at the other. An open ring mirrors the contemporary design, while drop earrings in which the lotus motif is suspended from the diamond lotus leaf complete the trio of new styles.

De Beers Enchanted Lotus Collection bracelet
De Beers Enchanted Lotus Bangle
De Beers Enchanted Lotus Collection earrings
De Beers Enchanted Lotus Drop Earrings
De Beers Enchanted Lotus Collection ring
De Beers Enchanted Lotus Open Ring

The fun doesn’t stop there. De Beers also announced multiple other additions to the Enchanted Lotus collection that will launch between January and Summer of  2023. The 2023 additions will include pops of color with enamel and mother-of-pearl that will take the motif into the playful and everyday realm.

De Beers Enchanted Lotus Collection blue earrings
De Beers Enchanted Lotus Earrings With Blue Enamel

Like the most iconic motifs in fashion, these additions to Enchanted Lotus have elegantly evolved, becoming more coveted over time.