Outstanding men and their outrageous diamonds. A love story of its kind .

We take a look into some of our favorite men in fashion flaunting natural diamonds in ways as unique as their personalities.

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Taking a forefront in some of the most iconic looks in fashion, natural diamonds are synonymous with all thing’s luxury and style. From royals around the world to celebrated personalities and fashion mavens, diamonds have found their way as wardrobe essentials of the rich and famous. Although notoriously tagged as a woman’s best friend, diamonds historically have been paraded as a priced possession by some of the most influential men through time. Be it on rappers who proudly flaunt their “iced out” necklaces and teeth, or sports stars investing in their diamond-encrusted watches, the glittering precious stone has a way of showing up in unexpected ways when it comes to men’s fashion.

We take a look at an impressive roster of men who chose to sport some of the most outrageous diamond pieces and challenged the way we see natural diamonds, yet managed to reinforce the ability of diamonds to elevate and punctuate one’s presence and appearance to the highest order.

Credit: Instagram @complex

Lil Uzi’s embedded diamond
Diamonds have been a mainstay of the hip-hop scene almost since their days of origin. From link chains to solitaires and rings, hip-hop stars have made their love for “ice” a sartorial movement of sorts. Possibly one of the most outrageous and undoubtedly unique ways to wear a natural diamond is to choose to embed it into your forehead. And rapper Lil Uzi did just that in 2017 when he chose to embed a 10-carat pink diamond. This $24 million facial implant is possibly the most expensive of its kind.

A$AP Rocky’s diamond-studded teeth
This hip-hop maverick is known for his unique flair in fashion, which he meticulously pairs with his custom “grillz”. That being said when the rapper chose to install natural diamonds to his statement grilled teeth, we surely stand up and take notice. In January 2021 the rapper showed off his one-of-a-kind grill designed by Tetsuya-Akiyama that features natural pink and canary yellow diamonds as well as real flowers.

Credit: Instagram @asaprocky and @grillzjewelz_is_right

Credit: Instagram @liltunechi

Lil Wayne’s iced out grills
Another rapper to whom we can assign the designation of the pioneer of bedazzled mouthpieces is Lil Wayne. A tradition believed to be rooted in ancient Egyptian culture while some debate its origin to be in Mayan culture, it most definitely gained its peak popularity in the 90s with the rise of hip hop. Lil Wayne instead of opting for braces chose to get his teeth embedded with $150,000 worth of natural diamonds to keep his teeth aligned.

Pharrell Williams’ yellow diamond ring
Pharrell Williams, whose unique sense of style and notable fashion collaborations have always had us wanting more of this sartorial tastemaker, in 2011 made an outrageous purchase of a $2 million dollar ring. This ring features an unmissable 17-carat yellow diamond, which is the rarest kind of natural diamond to be found.

Credit: Instagram @pharrell

Credit: Instagram @travisscott and @eliantte

Scott’s set designed necklace
Travis Scott decided to immortalize his Astroworld tour by designing a necklace that was a replica of the concert layout. The $450,000 necklace also features his face embedded in the middle. The necklace is known to feature 150 carats worth of natural diamonds, along with some extremely detailed elements from the concert’s set up like the Ferris wheel and roller coaster that were part of the setup.

Post Malone’s diamond fangs
While installing a standard set of veneers, Post Malone followed suit to Lil Uzi and added a set of two bedazzled vampire fangs. It is reported that the musician forked around $1.3 million on the set of natural diamonds which total to a weight of 12 carats. A luxury splurge that is literally translated to a million-dollar smile.

Credit: Instagram @connellydds and @postmalone

Credit: Instagram @cristiano and @superwatchman

Christiano Ronaldo’s one of a kind watch
Known for his proclivity towards one-of-a-kind watches, Christiano Ronaldo has amassed an impressive assortment of watches over the years. Part of his collection is the world’s most expensive Rolex ever made, the Rolex GMT Master Ice. He was pictured wearing this watch which houses 30 carats of white diamonds at the Dubai Globe Soccer Awards last year in January.

J tucker’s embezzled sneakers
Most famously known as the “Sneaker King”, PJ Tucker commissioned a customized Air Jordan 1 that outdoes all his previous shoe purchases. This pair of sneakers worth $250,000 features 2,020 white diamonds and reportedly took over 100 hours of meticulous crafting to make them.

Credit: Instagram @brkicks
Credit: Instagram @ranveersingh

Ranveer Singh’s statement watch
Undoubtedly one of the most stylish men in Bollywood, Ranveer Singh has mastered outrageous fashion like no other. From his Gucci tracksuit to Louis Vuitton separates, the actor is not shy to show off his love for the luxurious things in life. The actor is frequently seen sporting his Frank Muller Vanguard Yachting Watch Number 64716, which features a white gold dial encrusted in diamonds. The numbers on the dial are also encrusted in tiny diamonds. We also couldn’t help but note the actor’s affinity for a classic diamond studs. Seen wearing these often, Singh shows us how to elevate a minimal look with a pair of simple yet statement pair of solitaires.

Hardik Pandya’s unique pendant
Cricketer Hardik Pandya is famously known for his love for jewellery. Known for his love for all things bling from diamond chains, rings to bracelets, and some of the rarest watches, he recently added to his collection of statement jewellery a customized diamond necklace that features a diamond-encrusted cricket bat and ball.

Credit: Instagram @hardikpandya93
Credit: Instagram @badboyshah

Badshah’s new addition to his rings
As the front runner of the hip hop scene in India, Badshah has consistently defined norms when it comes to his statement style. Making hip hop cool again, the rapper and musician famously sports his oversized bomber jackets and fur-trimmed coats with standout jewellery.  Recently Badshah added a new set of diamond-encrusted jewellery, an eclectic set of gold and diamond ring sets.

These influential names may have a knack for displaying their diamond splurges in the most unexpected ways, but one thing assured is they keep things interesting when it comes to making a sartorial statement. Known for their unique talents and personalities, each one of these men challenges the way we see diamonds in our day-to-day living.