Once Upon a Dream: A Modern Diamond Fairytale

We reimagine five timeless tales against the backdrop of the modern era, each protagonist adorned in the brilliance of natural diamonds.

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Visuals By Alekha Chugani


Diamond Dreams

In an era where technology pushes the boundaries of creativity, these AI generated visuals explore the collision of fantasy and reality. Welcome to a new realm. Created by Only Natural Diamonds.

Ariel, The Little Mermaid

Ariel, the marine biologist, wearing a magical coral amulet

In this modern  adaptation of The Little Mermaid, Ariel is a marine biologist with a passion for ocean conservation. Living in a quaint coastal village along the Italian peninsula, Ariel often goes freediving with the locals. On one such expedition, she discovers a magical ancient artifact—a beautifully crafted amulet made from a rare and enchanted coral. When worn, it not only allows Ariel to breathe underwater but also bestows upon her the gift of understanding the ocean’s whispers, guiding her in her mission to protect its delicate ecosystems. Blending her scientific knowledge along with the amulet’s mystical connection, Ariel emerges as the guardian of the sea—fish stocks thrive, coral reefs regenerate, and the once-threatened marine species find refuge in the protected waters surrounding the village. As a symbol of gratitude, the ocean gifts Ariel with a breathtaking underwater garden, where rare seaflowers bloom in vibrant hues (pictured here).

We envision this modern marine princess to be dressed in minimalistic but statement natural diamond earrings. The beauty lies in their dichotomy.

Snow White, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White Diamond Fairytale

In a contemporary reimagining of this classic tale, the narrative takes an exciting turn as Snow White emerges as a passionate advocate for women’s empowerment. She and her stepmother, initially at odds, unite to challenge and dismantle societal expectations around beauty standards imposed on women. Instead of a poisoned apple, the catalyst for their collaboration is a moment of vulnerability and honesty. Snow White, aware of her stepmother’s insecurities, extends an olive branch, expressing her desire to work together to challenge and reshape society’s expectations. Through this transformative journey, they enlist the support of seven key influencers in the beauty industry and channel their collective advocacy for body positivity and self-love into MirrorBreaker—a pioneering beauty brand. This revolutionary venture celebrates diversity, encouraging women to embrace their unique features and redefine beauty on their own terms.

We picture modern-day Snow White in a pair of classic natural diamond solitaires that represent her fiery spirit.

Belle, Beauty & The Beast

Belle, Beauty & The Beast styling neckpiece made with the rarest diamonds

In this modern-day adaptation, Belle continues to embrace her love for literature and knowledge. Drawing inspiration from her father Maurice, a brilliant inventor, she brings the magic of books and innovation together in a unique way. Belle establishes a cutting-edge library and invention center for children, dynamic space where young ones can immerse themselves in a world of books, engage in interactive learning activities, and unleash their creativity through invention labs. The centre comes alive with the hum of 3D printers, the excitement of robotics kits, and the immersive experiences offered by virtual reality stations. The narrative takes an intriguing turn when Belle encounters a mysterious benefactor, Adam, a successful entrepreneur drawn to her mission. As they work together, love blossoms and their relationship is characterised by a shared passion for innovation and adventure.

In our imagination, Belle wears only the rarest diamonds crafted into a head-turning neckpiece.

Alice, Alice In Wonderland

Alice adorning diamond earrings paired with matching diamond bangles

Contemporary Alice is living her best life as a yoga instructor and digital nomad. Known for her insatiable curiosity, she wants to explore every corner of the world. Instead of a fantastical wonderland, her adventure unfolds in the landscapes of various global destinations—diving with thresher sharks in the Philippines, summiting Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and leading a yoga retreat on the beaches of Goa. Her story takes an interesting turn when she meets a free-spirited photographer (Mad Hatter) who opens the door to a dynamic community of wanderers. Her yoga practice remains the key to staying grounded amidst the chaos of constant movement.

We imagine Alice adorning conversation-starter earrings paired with matching diamond bangles.

Aurora, Sleeping Beauty

Aurora, Sleeping Beauty wearing intricately crafted natural diamond earrings

Aurora from the classic tale has received criticism from modern-day feminists for having no agency. In our contemporary take, she couldn’t be more different. A trailblazing fashion designer, Aurora is known for her innovative creations. Threatened by her success, a rival designer comes up with a plot to tarnish her reputation. Hurt by the scandal, she retreats to a quaint town in the Himalayas where she meets a collective of local women practising their family craft of spinning, weaving, knitting and crochet. Together, inspired by the simplistic surroundings, they create a collection which celebrates authenticity and spotlights heritage textiles. In a way, the spindle becomes Aurora’s secret weapon. News of Aurora’s secluded atelier and her unconventional approach spreads like wildfire, gaining back the love of the fashion industry. Her journey becomes an inspiration for those who dare to challenge conventions and define their own path.

In our vision, modern-day Aurora wears intricately crafted natural diamond earrings paired with a statement outfit from her own collection.