Lily James is all smiles, celebrating life’s biggest milestones in natural diamonds. An engagement ring to make jaws drop or a simple tennis necklace that stands the test of time, these pieces are meant to mark the special occasions that bring loved ones together.

Classic Channel Set Bangle, Hearts on Fire  |  Classic Prong Set Bangle, Hearts on Fire  |
Aerial Dewdrop Bangle, Hearts on Fire  |  Aerial Dewdrop Stiletto Earrings, Hearts on Fire  |
7 Stone Wedding Band, De Beers Forevermark  |  Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring, De Beers Forevermark  |  Degrade Line Necklace, De Beers Forevermark  |  The Pact (Oval) Ring, Hannah Martin  |  Diamond Brooch, Bachendorf’s

Special occasions are best celebrated with close friends, dear family and sparkling natural diamonds. Layers of necklaces, wrists adorned with tennis bracelets and statement earrings bring an element of elegance and timelessness to such a special day.

Symbolizing enduring commitment, eternity bands are often used as wedding bands for this very reason, and to remind the happy couple of their powerful commitment to each other, beautiful and rare, much like the natural diamonds in these rings.

Legends of Africa Iconic Diamond Ring,  Vanleles

“close friends, dear
family and sparkling

Rose-cut Nifo Pendant, Birthright Foundry  |  Lyla’s Bow Ring, Vanleles  |  Line Necklace, Hamilton Jewelers  |  Crown Set Tennis Necklace, Razny Jewelers  |  Twist Hoops, Made by Malyia  |  Eternity Ring, Alighieri  |  Lisette Band, Hamilton Jewelers  |  Duet Pinky ring, Shiffon  |  Small Pear Diamond Drops, Anika Ko  |  Grace Wrap Ring, Hearts on Fire  |  Trellis Necklace, Dorian Webb

These soleil earrings add an eye-catching burst of natural diamonds to any ensemble and a bold diamond necklace is both timeless and on-trend, thanks to the pear-shaped diamonds.

A natural diamond pendant is both simple and sophisticated, whether paired with a tennis necklace layer or worn solo. A negative space halo brings an element of interest to the piece and gives the appearance of a floating diamond on the neck.

Center of My Universe Halo Pendant, De Beers Forevermark

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