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A 242 Carat Diamond (!!!) is Heading to Auction Soon

Aside from its massive size, the rare jewel happens to be crystal clear.

A 242 Carat Diamond (!!!) is Heading to Auction Soon

For its 100th auction taking place soon in Dubai on March 14, Russian diamond producer Alrosa—also known as the world’s largest miner of rough diamonds—has decided to go big. Really, really big.

We’re talking 242 carats-big.

Among most massive gem quality stones that Alrosa has unearthed in over 20 years—not to mention one of the hugest found in the past century—, the diamond at stake measures in at 21.7 by 31.3 by 41.9 millimeters, and is being compared in size to an egg, golf or ping-pong ball. Which leaves us with only one word: yowza.

To make matters even more exciting, the diamond is crystal clear in appearance. Meaning whoever is lucky enough to walk away with it will have boundless options for cutting.

Of course, that person or company will have to have pretty deep pockets: bidding starting at $2 million. And if recent diamond auctions are any indication, the jewel’s ultimate price will likely reflect its rarity and awesomeness, especially as industry-wide sales trend higher than pre-COVID-19 levels.

Just too overwhelmed by the behemoth treasure? Alrosa’s still got you covered. The 242 carat giant will sit alongside diamonds of 190 and 136 carats, as well as multiple 10 carat offerings. Bet you never in a million years would think that those stunners could sound small…