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Exclusive Interview: Ana de Armas as New Global Ambassador for Only Natural Diamonds

Hollywood rising star and new Bond girl Ana de Armas speaks candidly about her love for diamonds and why she believes in the sustainable future of the industry.

Exclusive Interview: Ana de Armas as New Global Ambassador for Only Natural DiamondsActress Ana de Armas stars in Only Natural Diamonds Premier ‘For Moments Like No Other’ Campaign
Actress Ana de Armas stars in Only Natural Diamonds Premier ‘For Moments Like No Other’ Campaign

Known for her breakout role in Knives Out, and soon to appear in the latest James Bond movie No Time To Die, the actress Ana de Armas is a bonafide rising superstar in Hollywood. As the new ambassador for Only Natural Diamonds, de Armas traveled to Portugal to shoot this campaign and to learn about the natural diamond world, overall. Here, she speaks candidly about her takeaways, her favorite moments, her belief in the sustainable future of the industry and, naturally, her love of diamonds.

What about this campaign intrigued you? What made you decide to join, and to be the face of natural diamonds?

I think what intrigued me the most about this campaign, and what the Natural Diamond Council does overall, is that the initiative represents an industry. A huge industry, spanning the entire globe. I was drawn to the fact that NDC upholds and monitors a comprehensive set of ethical codes, and works with local groups and platforms to ensure safety and progress communities around diamond mines. 

This has been a very difficult year for so many people, and, in considering this, I was inspired by the idea of a diamond representing connection, or reconnection in 2020’s case, with our loved ones. For moments big and small, ceremonial to intimate, grand to spontaneous. There’s beauty and power but also a sense of familiarity and ease with natural diamonds. They are timeless, and they can be passed down from generation to generation, withstanding the challenges that inevitably arise as the eras pass. 

What were the most enjoyable elements about working on this campaign? Do you have any fun stories, or any particular moments and memories of your own?

Well, I have to admit, visiting Portugal was a welcome change of scenery after weeks in isolation. The protocols that NDC enacted were very strict, which made me feel much more comfortable about traveling. I’m thankful for that! And, while shooting, I loved how modern the styling of all of the diamond jewelry felt, and discovering these brands that were new to me. I love that these pieces can be worn in everyday settings, stripped of formality and ‘evening’ associations. My own memories from the campaign echo the message: I will have these moments forever, and these moments are represented by natural diamonds. 

How do you personally wear diamond jewelry? Do you wear diamonds outside of formal settings or contexts? Please elaborate!

Absolutely, and this campaign only reinforced my love of wearing diamonds in casual scenarios! I like to wear pieces that are understated and elegant, but that’s not to say that elegant cannot go with a t-shirt or even a swimsuit. Very few things are quite so chic as a subtle diamond necklace, or tennis bracelet, or earring, worn with a relaxed, bohemian look. I think my favorite way to wear diamonds is in necklace form, layering one piece on top of another. Perhaps one can be a pendant, one can be more of a chain. It’s empowering to know you’re wearing diamonds, but at the same time, I think it’s always best, for my personal style, to aim for lower-key pieces and not being too flashy! 

In terms of wearing diamonds overall, do you think that the rules have changed? Are there any codes or rubrics to follow? Please elaborate!

I think if unofficial rules did exist, they are now gone. They are old-fashioned! Diamonds are not just for soirees and weddings. There’s nothing stopping you from taking, for example, a diamond choker necklace and wearing it as a headband. We actually did this impulsively on set, and it looked so fresh and unexpected. I also don’t think you need a formal occasion to give diamonds as a gift, either. They can be worn to a bonfire on the beach as easily as they can be to a ballroom. They bring joy to the everyday, and they can stand to honor every meaningful relationship in your life. And these don’t have to be romantic relationships. I’m thinking of friends, siblings, parents, even self-love. Next time you feel like treating yourself to something, think about a natural diamond! 

What appeals to you most, regarding the sustainability initiatives in the diamond sector?

I learned in working with the NDC that the diamond industry does a lot of good, creating positive impacts on a global scale. The business affects the livelihoods of approximately ten million people worldwide! I’m also impressed by the amount of women involved in and driving the industry. 

Diamonds are found in some of the most remote places on the planet. In many of these locations, the industry is the main source of employment. The NDC works to promote give-back initiatives that promote the strengthening of these communities, through developing roads, houses, hospitals or schools, or through working to create protected reserves and farmland. The positive impact the industry has goes much broader than people might expect!

Over this process, what new information did you learn about natural diamonds? Was there anything that surprised you? Please elaborate.

I learned that diamonds can be found throughout the world, from Canada to Australia to Siberia in Russia to Botswana, South Africa, Tanzania and beyond. They are a truly global resource. I also came to understand the rarity of diamonds, and why they carry as much meaning as they do. They take at least a billion years to forge, carrying with them an inherent signature of timelessness and, really… well, intrigue.