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Sparkling Gifts Of Love For Diwali

Sparkling Gifts Of Love For Diwali Stackable set of rings set in muted gold, Jewellery: VBJ (L) and NAC Jewellers (R)
Stackable set of rings set in muted gold, Jewellery: VBJ (L) and NAC Jewellers (R)

A roller coaster called love

As the world is slowly coming out of the clutches of the pandemic, Diwali serves as an apt reminder that there is always light after the dark. It is truly the festival of lights for diyas and lanterns dispel sorrows and directs everyone’s attention to the joyous occasion. Part of the joy that comes from spending time with the most important people in your life – your family and friends. 

It is a time to revel in the good and let go of past worries, making space for prosperity to enter your homes and lives. This Diwali, add more sparkle to the festivities by gifting your near and dear ones rare, natural diamonds to symbolise how precious they are to you.  

Choosing the best gift can be a task but we have made it a little easier by curating jewellery options for your loved ones that would best express your emotions.

Your biggest support. Your mother

If we had to describe mothers, strength, resilience and endurance are three words that would be high on the list. Coincidentally the same characteristics can be attributed to diamonds making it the perfect gift for your mother who always makes sure that you have the best in life. This Diwali, tell her that she is the rock-solid support beneath your success with a diamond-studded bracelet or a diamond bangle. A fitting crown for your mother who means the world to you.

Your first hero. Your father

There is hardly anything that a father ever asks you for. He always has time for you for your most trivial questions even after a long day of work. Your every wish was his command, even if this meant putting his wishes aside for a while. Express your admiration for him with diamond-studded cufflinks that he will wear with pride.  A token of the time spent together.


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