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Diamonds: A Symbol of Care

ALROSA has expanded its Diamonds That Care initiative to support more families in need and make earth-toned diamonds a symbol of social responsibility and charitable giving.

Diamonds That Care is an ever-evolving charitable project that began as a way of supporting social initiatives for mining communities in the Republic of Yakutia, north eastern Russia. In 2019, ALROSA allocated $150 million of its total revenue to hundreds of programs, including the construction of schools, hospitals and roads that p]rovide crucial support to local and indigenous communities. And while all this continues, Diamonds That Care has reached new audiences in 2020 with projects that capture press attention and challenge millennial audiences to think differently about natural diamonds.

In July 2020, ALROSA announced a partnership with sustainable jewellery retailer, Brilliant Earth to launch first ever Diamonds That Care limited-edition exclusive collection benefiting people in need with 10 percent of sales from each piece donated directly to Feeding America’s Covid-19 Response Fund.

By selecting ethically mined brown hued diamonds from Yakutia, the first Diamond That Care collection named “I Care” seeks to create a bridge between ‘earth-toned’ diamonds and the importance of caring for communities and making socially responsible buying decisions. Pieces are also engraved with the words ‘I Care’ to promote conscious consumerism and tap into the desire among emerging generations to give back, contribute to good causes and understand exactly where their diamonds have come from.

Luminous Rose Gold

The “I Care” collection was developed by award-winning, New York-based designer Wendy Ross. For the collection, she chose a custom blended hue of pink gold to represent elegance and femininity, while also ensuring pieces would age beautifully.


Challenging the Norm with Reverse-Set Diamonds

Speaking on her decision to include reverse-set diamonds in the collection (where the culet is set outwards), Ross says: “This adds an edge to the simplicity that characterizes Diamonds That Care pieces. The subtle provocation gives these beautiful minimalist pieces a trendy spiky look.”


Sacred Geometry

The Diamonds That Care hexagon earrings are inspired by the symbolism of sacred geometry. According to some philosophies, the hexagon opens pathways to new realms of thinking, while in many religions it is a symbol of harmony and balance. This geometric form also exists in nature, for example, in perfectly symmetrical honeycombs.


Find Your Way

The Diamonds That Care Inner Compass diamond pendant was created with a message in mind — to find your way in life with heart and soul. Three diamonds are set in this pendant – one larger than the others – to symbolize the Sun, Venus and Jupiter aligned in a triangle to bring harmony, love and kindness to the wearer.


Connections That Can’t Be broken

The linked circles of the Diamonds That Care Serendipity diamond drop earrings refer to the notion of a higher consciousness, where all people are connected and working together to make the world a better place. These beautiful earrings are evocative of Borromean rings – a mathematical concept that demonstrates how, by removing one of three rings, the other two are no longer connected.  


Filled with the spirit of goodness, Diamonds That Care pieces tell a story of inner balance and harmony that has captured the imagination of customers. Most importantly, the significance behind each design complements its beauty, which is the real essence of jewellery.

Now, from October 9-23, Diamonds That Care will double its regular contribution to Feeding America’s Covid-19 Response Fund, with 20% from the sale of each piece going to support those in need. According to ALROSA: “This new brand believes that a natural diamond should be more than just a decoration, but a helping hand for those in need. It represents a new way of thinking and a call for the luxury industry to cultivate more products ‘that care’ for their communities.”

Elsewhere this year, Diamonds That Care collaborated with Christie’s and jewellery designer Anna Hu to create and auction three exclusive jewellery pieces for charity. The pieces, which were also set with earth-coloured diamonds from Yakutia, raised $269,644 for the Brave of Heart Fund, which was founded to provide financial and emotional support to the families of frontline healthcare workers who lost their lives to Covid-19.

Diamonds That Care is an inspiring example of how diamond producers like ALROSA are using diamonds to benefit communities both in diamond mining regions and internationally.

Discover more about the Diamonds That Care collection with Brilliant Earth, here.