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Exclusive Interview: Ana de Armas is New Global Ambassador for Only Natural Diamonds

Hollywood rising star and new Bond girl Ana de Armas speaks candidly about her love for diamonds and why she believes in the sustainable future of the industry.

Ana de Armas in "For Moments Like No Other" campaign as a new Global Ambassador of Only Natural Diamonds
Actress Ana de Armas stars in Only Natural Diamonds Premier ‘For Moments Like No Other’ Campaign

Known for her breakout role in Knives Out, and soon to appear in the latest James Bond movie No Time To Die, the actress Ana de Armas is a bonafide rising superstar in Hollywood. As the new ambassador for Only Natural Diamonds, de Armas traveled to Portugal to shoot this campaign and to learn about the natural diamond world, overall. Here, she speaks candidly about her takeaways, her favorite moments, her belief in the sustainable future of the industry and, naturally, her love of diamonds.

What about this campaign intrigued you? What made you decide to join, and to be the face of natural diamonds?

I was drawn to the fact that NDC upholds a set of ethical standards and works with local groups to ensure the safety and wellbeing of communities around diamond mines. I also really loved how much they support women in the diamond mining communities.

The natural diamonds are stunning. I am so thrilled to be working with the NDC on this amazing campaign and supporting them in all their great work all over the world.

What were the most enjoyable elements about working on this campaign? Do you have any fun stories, or any particular moments and memories of your own?

It was definitely different to be working on this campaign during a pandemic. Having the opportunity to travel (safely & with all health precautions) to such a beautiful city in Portugal was so incredible. The people of coastal Portugal were so welcoming and kind, and the beaches were like paintings.  While shooting, I loved how modern the styling of all of the diamond jewelry felt, every piece was so unique and beautiful.

How do you personally wear diamond jewelry? Do you wear diamonds outside of formal settings or contexts? Please elaborate!

I’m lucky enough to own a few pieces that are very special to me and wearing them reminds me of those happy moments throughout my life. Whether I’m running to work, meeting friends for dinner or celebrating a special occasion a beautiful piece of diamond jewelry always makes it feel and look more special.

In terms of wearing diamonds overall, do you think that the rules have changed? Are there any codes or rubrics to follow? Please elaborate!

Every moment should be cherished. Wearing a diamond makes me feel more confident and beautiful. It reminds me that there are beautiful things in the world and to appreciate them and appreciate the thing I have to be grateful for. I don’t know what the rules are but I think you are allowed to make yourself and your life feel as valuable and important as possible, there are so many things I have in my life to feel good about and grateful for, friends, family—life. And if you’re lucky enough to have a diamond, whether you bought it or it was a gift, it can remind you of the world’s natural beauty and all life’s gifts.

What appeals to you most, regarding the sustainability initiatives in the diamond sector?

I learned in working with the NDC that the diamond industry does a lot of good, working toward building strong communities all over the world. I was so impressed by the women involved in and driving the diamond industry. The NDC members do so many wonderful things to support and empower these women.

In many of these communities situated in some of the most remote areas on Earth, the diamond mining industry is the main source of employment. The NDC members work to prioritize and strengthen these communities by helping build roads, houses, hospitals and schools. They help educate people, provide them with skills and professions. They also make sure to protect the local reserves, wildlife and farmland which is so important to the local culture and economy.

Over this process, what new information did you learn about natural diamonds? Was there anything that surprised you? Please elaborate.

I learned that diamonds can be found throughout the world, in Canada, Australia, Siberia, Botswana, South Africa, Tanzania and beyond. They are a global resource. I also learned that diamonds formed over a billion years ago. Each of the communities where these diamonds come from are essential to the industry and should be appreciated just as much as every gorgeous diamond!