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The Largest Ever Purple-Pink Diamond Sells for Record Price

The Russian treasure just auctioned for $26.6 million.

Picture this: you’re perched front and center on a mezzanine seat at an extravagant ballet. The prima ballerina takes the stage, adorned in a fan of rose petal pink tutu and a glittering tiara. She pirouettes in such a way that, from your very spot, it barely appears as though the ballerina is still there; her whirling has created the visualization of a jewel eternally glowing in its spotlight.

As it turns out, even after the ballerina takes her curtsy, this jewel still does exist. In fact, Sotheby’s Geneva just sold it for a record price of $26.6 million on Wednesday, November 11th, 2020.

Ringing in at 14.83 carats, The Spirit of the Rose (named the roses which decorated the costume of Ballets Russes’s most beloved early 20th century dancer, Vaslav Nijinsky) instantly made headlines as the largest vivid purple pink diamond to ever appear at an auction.

And the natural diamond holds significance beyond its truly exceptional size and color.

Cut from a 27.85 carat clear pink rough, The Spirit of the Rose is the largest of its kind that’s ever been found in Russia, and was mined and cut by diamond producer Alrosa. This comes as particularly exciting news, as after 37 years, Australia’s renowned Argyle mine, which unearthed several of the world’s most revered pink diamonds, recently closed. 

“This stone demonstrates that not all the world’s important pink diamonds originate from Australia’s famous Argyle mine,” says Tobias Kormind, diamond expert behind European jewelry emporium 77 Diamonds.

The Spirit of the Rose’s sale price set a new world record for purple-pink diamonds. “The buyer has made a smart investment move. It’s an incredibly desirable stone and the fact it’s both internally flawless and purple-pink in color adds to the rarity,” Kormind says. 

Let’s just hope that The Spirit of the Rose’s lucky new owner is planning a once-in-a-lifetime holiday gift for a special someone…