Future Is Female

Female Environmental Champions You Should Know

Join us for a conversation ahead of World Environment Day to meet our female role models and environmental champions including Jewelers and specialists from the diamond industry and beyond


Maia Wikler

Academic, climate justice organizer and writer, Teen Vogue


Discover the progress the natural diamond industry has made over the last decade and where technology is headed to ensure consumers feel confident that the industry’s values align with their own.


We’ll dive into how women leaders are integral to transforming industry inclusion.



Discuss how women industry leaders tapped into their personal consumer mindset to help shape the future of diamonds.


#WorldEnvironmentDay #TakeAStand

Our Latest Event: Women Leading the Diamond Industry

In light of Women’s History Month, we are uplifting the stories of the women in the diamond industry who relentlessly dare to shake up the status quo. Their contributions keep the diamond industry on a progressive path of transparency and innovation which are the contours of the industry’s values.

Watch this conversation with Katie Fergusson (Senior Vice President, Sustainable Impact at De Beers Group), Mosibudi Jo Mathole (Founder and Owner of Kwame Diamonds), Madeline Fraser (Entrepreneur and Founder of Gemist Future) and Roxanne Rajcoomar-Hadden (Jewelry Designer and Founder of RRH Jewelry). Hosted by Melanie Grant (Journalist and Author, Luxury Editor of The Economist’s 1843 Magazine).

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