Meet Ana de Armas

Ana de Armas on the Versatility of Diamond Jewelry, the Importance of Being Present, and Loving Life

To film her second campaign as an ambassador for Only Natural Diamonds, the actress Ana de Armas jetted east to the sun-streaked, breeze-kissed Balearic island of Mallorca. Whether dancing in the streets of Palma or swimming in the clear blue waters of a secluded bay, she retains a singular vibrancy—a genuine spark of energy and life in her honey-hued eyes. Her talent and charisma is unmistakable; it’s no wonder she has high-profile roles including the James Bond film No Time To Die, the Marilyn Monroe biopic Blonde (in which de Armas plays the silver screen legend herself), Deep Water and The Gray Man.

In our exclusive interview below (conducted on set in Mallorca, during which the actress wore a dazzling mini-Cuban link bracelet), de Armas sounds off everything from diamond jewelry styling to what she has learned over her time working with the Natural Diamond Council to—importantly—her galvanizing outlook on living in the moment. 

Natural Diamond Council: Hello Ana—thank you for taking the time to meet with us between shots. Let’s start along the topic of styling: When you wear diamonds, do you like to dress up? Dress down? Or somewhere in between?

I personally like little pieces that are very simple, with subtle applications of diamonds. This feeling has only grown stronger since last year! I feel that pieces like this often become a part of my personality, because I truly do wear them regularly. I don’t take them off, for anything! I shower, I live, I sleep. I do everything with them, and as such, these diamonds sort of become a part of you. Whether it’s a thin bracelet or a simple necklace, they’re always on.

What about when it comes to diamond jewelry that is more statement-making? If, say, you’re on a red carpet or a major photo shoot?

I mean, if you go big, you have to go big! If I have something that’s a statement piece or that has a lot of diamonds on it—basically when you want the piece to stand out—I would more likely pair it against an outfit that’s more classic and elegant, with clean lines and a sleek silhouette.

What is your most unique memory when it comes to diamonds?

I think it would have to be my first premiere, and my first time, at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016. It was for a movie called Hands of Stone. I will always remember it. I wore this beautiful diamond ring and a champagne-colored Miu Miu dress. It was an incredible moment for me—the kind of moment I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget!

From your original experience in representing natural diamonds last year, what—between then and now—has been the most fascinating thing you’ve learned? Or, what has continued to resonate?

What I’ve learned is just how much the communities working around diamond mines are changed and helped by the industry. The impact of diamonds in these worlds and lives and countries has really been a major help, from enhanced education opportunities to access to better healthcare to providing jobs. I was fascinated to learn about the diamond industry in Botswana in particular, especially regarding the women that are contributing to the mining operations. From what I see, diamond companies care deeply about the social wellbeing of their teams and communities, as well as the safe management of their surrounding environments. When the mine closes, for example, these areas will have been provided with the tools and wherewithal to continue with their own businesses and ventures.

The world has clearly evolved over the past year and a half. There will be elements that remain the same, and elements that have permanently changed. What are you most looking forward to—and how have 2020 and 2021 shaped your outlook?

I will never take seeing my friends for granted, ever again. Reconnection, and maintaining connection, is key. We’ve been living through a very intense time in history, and I refuse to think we should ever get used to the way things have been. I don’t think I’d be comfortable living under the term “new normal.” With what we’ve gone through, it’s wrong to think anyone can feel or be normal—it will take a long time to heal. So, really, valuing and cherishing one’s bonds with loved ones and friends—it’s the most important thing. I’m also a very physical person, which is how I grew up. I like hugging people, and kissing friends hello. I need to be able to do that!

How do you see diamonds complementing this outlook? This ties back a bit to jewelry becoming part of you, and functioning in the everyday…

You know what? Ever since I was very young, I remember asking my Mom what she was saving certain things for. My grandmother used to have a beautiful dinner set, including wine glasses, and I wondered why we never used them. She told me they were for special occasions, special visits or New Year’s Eve. I thought, why? Everything changes—live life with the things you have in the moment, especially the beautiful things. I like to wear everything I have now. I’ll wear my diamonds now, the clothes I like now, and so on. I really think it’s important to give to yourself, almost spoil yourself—within reason—and to be present. Because as I think we’ve all been reminded, there might not be a tomorrow…

I think this also extends to how we talk to the people we surround ourselves with. Tell people you love them, and say the things that need to be said in the moment! This is also part of loving your own life—sharing the love, so to speak!

Pivoting slightly, but what are your thoughts on diamond jewelry for men?

I think men should 100% wear whatever they feel will make them happy, whatever they feel will make them shine. However: if he’s wearing diamonds, they cannot be bigger than mine! Diamonds certainly aren’t only for women. There are incredible, incredible pieces for men, from tennis bracelets to certain watches to pendants. 

Over the past year and a half, how have you celebrated life in low key moments? How have you found little rays of light in such a tumultuous, cloudy environment?

I think that everyone been put on the spot over the past year and a half. I think we were all forced to not necessarily find, but examine what we really like, and what makes us happy on our own. How do you stay inspired? How do you stay happy? How do you stay even-minded? For me, this has been meditating and actual phone calls. I like to hear people, as opposed to texting. And, this is more circumstantial or situational, but I love hearing when something good happens to a friend. I get happy if they’re happy!

What do you hope for the viewer to take away from this campaign?

With this campaign, I want people to feel motivation to get out of their shells. I want people to leave their doubts and worries behind, and escape, briefly, into the natural diamond world—and I hope people look forward to what’s to come. Ultimately, it’s about living in the moment. Be present. Go get on a boat if the opportunity arises, because why not? Get out there and get together with the people you love and enjoy life right now. We’ve lost a lot in recent months. We’re very lucky to be here, so I truly feel, even in hardship, that we have to love the lives we’ve been given.