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In the News: Anna Hu in a Charity Auction for Diamonds That Care ALROSA

July 3-13: Christie’s Hong Kong organizes an online charity sale of three exquisite high jewelry pieces by Anna Hu for Diamonds That Care.

Brown & yellow diamond being set into the 18K gold diamond necklace from Anna Hu for the ALROSA diamond auction
Photo: Felipe Sanguinetti

ALROSA, one of the world’s leading diamond companies, joins forces with Christie’s auction house and jewelry designer Anna Hu to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Hosted by ALROSA’s charity initiative, Diamonds That Care, an online diamond auction takes place July 3 – July 13. It will offer for sale three Hu high jewelry originals, especially made for the event. Featuring the most exquisite brown and white diamonds, these exceptional pieces of fine jewelry are sure to attract diamond jewelry collectors and international philanthropists.

All proceeds will provide relief to the families of the fallen healthcare workers.

Diamonds in Earthy Colors

The idea of this initiative formed this spring, and the auction at Christie’s in Hong Kong is a first for Diamonds That Care. It provides hundreds of ALROSA’s rarest natural diamonds — mostly brown-toned — to the jewelry artist, commissioning one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, and organizes a diamond auction sale, with all proceeds going to a noble cause.

From light beige to rich brown, the diamonds take center stage in this initiative. Ethically and responsibly recovered from Yakutia, Russia, the clarity, color, and weight of these rare diamonds are exceptional. Anna Hu designed her diamond necklace around a stunning 27.02-carat pear-shaped fancy brown-yellow diamond.

Aside from their beauty, rarity, and value, brown diamonds have been chosen for this initiative because they are the color of the Earth. They aim to bring to help people in need.

Pear shaped brown & yellow diamond from Anna Hu's diamond necklace for the ALROSA diamond auction
The 27.02-carat pear-shaped fancy brown-yellow diamond at the center of Anna Hu’s necklace.

Diamonds Do Good Charity

On the receiving end of the Diamonds That Care auction sale, US-based non-profit organization Diamonds Do Good surely hopes the diamond auction sale will sky-rocket. They will be in charge of allocating the proceeds from the auctioned jewelry to the right charities on behalf of Diamonds That Care.

Founded in 2007, Diamond Do Good is inspired by Nelson Mandela to tell the world about the positive impact of diamonds in Africa. This time, Diamonds Do Good will concentrate on victims of the Covid-19 pandemic. The organization will reach out internationally to help healthcare professionals whose care for the health of others has compromised their own.

Three High Jewelry Pieces from Anna Hu

Known for designing complex diamond shapes inspired by nature, designer Anna Hu was delighted to work with hundreds of earth-colored diamonds from ALROSA’s Yakutia mines. Anna Hu’s poetic diamond pieces are only rarely featured at auction. Her diamond designs are rare as well — she creates no more than thirty high jewelry pieces a year. These are ideal conditions for a successful sale. “[Anna Hu’s] involvement will create international excitement,” says Max Fawcett, Christie’s Jewelry Specialist.

Diamond jewelry designer Anna Hu photographed wearing ruby and statement diamond earrings set in platinum
Anna Hu. Photo: Felipe Sanguinetti
Diamond jewelry designer Anna Hu sketching the brown-yellow diamond necklace set in 18k gold for the ALROSA diamond auction
Anna Hu sketching the necklace for Diamonds That Care. Photo: Felipe Sanguinetti

The diamond necklace Hu designed for Diamonds that Care combines 18k red gold and 18k white gold to better highlight 305 fancy color and colorless diamonds, for a total weight of 77 carats. At the center, a very rare fancy brown-yellow diamond weighs 27.02 carats.

With 37 fancy color diamonds and colorless diamonds, the 18k red gold ring is centered by a 1.59-carat faint brown diamond. Her long and fantastic earrings featuring fancy brown diamonds set on 18k red gold alternate with colorless diamonds against 18k white gold, for a total of 224 diamonds. Each diamond earring is centered with a 3-carat pear shaped diamond.

Each of the three pieces will be sold separately in three lots. To contribute even further to ALROSA’s generous initiative, Anna Hu will be donating her original sketches. 

The three lots — diamond necklace, ring, and pair of earrings — will be on display for public preview at the James Christie Room, 22nd Floor, Alexandra House, 18 Chater Road, Central, Hong Kong.

Timetable as follows:

4 Jul, 10:30am – 6pm
5 Jul, 10:30am – 6pm
6 Jul, 10:30am – 6pm
7 Jul, 10:30am – 5pm

Information about the auction, as well as entrance and social distancing protocols, can be found on the Christie’s website.

People need love and warm feelings, especially during this time.” Hu says. “So what could be better than a heart shape?

Anna Hu
Brown & yellow diamond necklace haloed by white pave diamonds set in 18K gold by Anna Hu for the ALROSA diamond auction
All designs by Anna Hu for Diamonds That Care

Wholehearted Design

Uncompromisingly bold in her designs, Anna Hu is one of the precious few women (and even fewer Asian female designers) whose collections are featured during Paris’s prestigious High Jewelry Week. Trained as a cellist, she designs with a melody in mind and will not stop until her creation translates the notes in her head. To ensure that no technical constraint goes against her creativity, she works with the best jewelry craftsmen in her Paris atelier.

For the New York-based Chinese diamond jewelry designer, each of the three pieces for Diamonds that Care is a creative message of love. “People need love and warm feelings, especially during this time.” Hu says. “So what could be better than a heart shape?”

Overused in jewelry design, Hu always thought the perfect heart shaped diamond necklace was still to be designed. The Diamonds that Care initiative was the perfect opportunity to do so. She didn’t hesitate to design the entire necklace in a heart shape. It’s a rare audacity in design that could well fulfill the dreams of a high jewelry collector.

Round cut, white & brown diamond earrings set in platinum and gold from Anna Hu for the ALROSA diamond auction
All designs by Anna Hu for Diamonds That Care
Round cut, white & brown diamond ring set in a gold band from Anna Hu for the ALROSA diamond auction
All designs by Anna Hu for Diamonds That Care

Giving Back What Nature is Giving

With over 40% of its territory beyond the Arctic Circle, Yakutia may be the coldest part of Russia, but it holds the most spectacular natural resources, including diamonds.

For ALROSA, who can be accounted for one of every four natural diamonds sold on Earth, giving back adds value to each jewel recovered from nature. In 2019, the company allocated $150 million (at USD/RUB exchange rate for that year) of its total revenue to hundreds of social responsibility programs, including construction of schools, hospitals, roads, and other social infrastructure projects, providing crucial support to local and indigenous communities.

With the coronavirus pandemic, priorities have shifted. In response, ALROSA’s charities are expanding worldwide. “Diamonds have always been an expression of the most sincere emotions,” says Sergey Ivanov, CEO of ALROSA. “We want them to express our deep respect for medical professionals and the heroic deeds they have accomplished, and to help them and their families.” This is the message behind this week’s auction sale by Diamonds That Care. 

Assorted white diamonds, brown diamonds & brow yellow diamonds selected by Annu Hu for the ALROSA diamond auction
Brown diamonds from ALROSA’s mine in Yakutia, Russia.

Video: Felipe Sanguinetti