Royalty Loves Diamonds & The Brunei Wedding Is Your Ultimate Proof

From a £10 million natural diamond tiara with intricate symbolism to the passing down of heirlooms, each piece of jewellery featured in the royal Brunei wedding tells a story that transcends time.

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Princess Anisha's royal wedding jewellery
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In the heart of the opulent celebrations that marked the union of Prince Mateen and Anisha Rosnah, Brunei’s regal splendour showcasing the world its grandeur. The ten-day festivities reached their pinnacle with the bersanding (commonly referred to as the reception) ceremony, unfolding in the official residence of Brunei’s esteemed Sultan and Prime Minister, Haji Hassanal Bolkiah. Anisha Rosnah, the granddaughter of Sultan’s special advisor Pehin Dato Isa, emerged as the ideal royal bride, draped in a vision of ivory and shimmer.

It’s no secret that natural diamond jewellery holds a special place in the culture of Brunei’s royal weddings. Beyond their sheer beauty, symbolism and intrinsic value, these pieces encapsulate centuries-old traditions native to Brunei, acting as a bridge that connects the past with the present. From her tiara to her jewel bouquet – the meticulous craftsmanship in creating bespoke pieces like such, underscore the timeless appeal of natural diamonds.

Princess Anisha's exquisite diamond jewellery
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The Diamond Bride – Anisha
Rosnah’s Diamond Choices

The pièce de résistance of Anisha’s bridal ensemble was a bespoke natural diamond tiara, a custom creation borrowed from her sister-in-law, Princess Azemah Ni’matul Bolkiah. Even though Brunei’s traditional wedding crown, called ‘Bunga Goyang’ is usually gold in colour – Anisha went for a more contemporary approach rooted in generational value. Crafted by the renowned Singaporean brand Flower Diamond, this extraordinary headpiece is estimated to be worth a staggering £10 million. Flower Diamond meticulously sourced 838 pieces of natural diamonds, including 38 square-shaped, 14 oval-shaped, 19 pear-shaped, and 767 round brilliant- cut diamonds—totalling over 132 carats! Motifs including the swallowtail flag, royal parasol, upturned hands symbolising the government’s duty, and the crescent representing Islam, are seamlessly woven into the tiara’s design. Additionally, undulating waves, terminated by oval-cut natural diamonds, possibly symbolise Borneo—the location of the Sovereign State. Despite its grandeur, the design maintains a sense of lightness and practicality, aligning seamlessly with Princess Anisha’s preferences.

Brunei Royal Wedding Diamond tiara
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Anisha's natural diamond tiara
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Her necklace boasted sizable natural diamonds forming a circle around the neck, and the pendant showcased a cluster of pink diamonds enveloping the central diamond. When it comes to diamonds, Princess Anisha clearly came with a more is more mindset. She paired her chunky necklace with teardrop earrings that boasted pear shaped natural diamonds.

Selecting the perfect wedding flowers for a bouquet is a significant decision for every bride, with the ultimate design often influenced by a variety of factors. Some brides may seek flowers with symbolic meaning, intending to represent their love for their partner. On the other hand, some may base their choice on the overarching themes and colour schemes chosen for the momentous day. But for Princess Anisha – diamonds topped florals. Her ensemble was perfected with the addition of a diamond bouquet from the royal family’s collection. The House of Bolkiah – the ruling royal family of Brunei Darussalam is said to possess a remarkable collection which has been used by all brides in the extended family since the 1990s.

Princess Anisha's diamond-topped floral bouquet
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The Show-Stopping Reception Look

Anisha Rosnah transformed her look for the celebratory banquet, donning a dazzling Zuhair Murad gown that added a touch of glamour to the evening festivities. In a symbolic gesture, she opted for a change in tiaras, replacing her sister-in-law Princess Azemah’s tiara with the one belonging to Queen Saleha, the first wife of the Sultan. This particular tiara holds a rich history as it has graced the heads of brides in many of Brunei’s royal weddings.

She wore a statement serpenti-esque necklace that featured a large pear-shaped diamond pendant paired with some striking diamond drop earrings. Turning attention to her rings, she adorned a “toi et moi” ring, a cherished wedding gift received during her Powdering ceremony (common in Malaysia and Brunei that involves the groom and bride-to-be being blessed by close family members). A “toi et moi” ring is a distinctive and currently highly sought-after style in the realm of jewellery. Her design was characterised by a coiled band, where the two strikingly huge square-cut diamonds were elegantly nestled side by side at the point where the band wrapped around the finger.

Brunei's royal wedding diamond jewellery
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Princess Anisha's 'toi et moi' ring
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The significance of natural diamonds in Brunei royal weddings goes beyond its aesthetic appeal; it is a testament to the nation’s cultural heritage, an ode to familial legacy, and a symbol of love and commitment.

Princess Anisha's wedding look
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Princess Anisha's choice of diamond accessories for wedding
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