Natural Diamond Engagement Rings – The Seal Of Love

Diamond rings have formalized declarations of love over centuries, as physical manifestations of human feelings. Diving deep into this dazzling alliance, we pop the question to India’s most trusted jeweller – Tanishq – to understand why natural diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love.

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Love in the digital age is beyond fairy tales. It’s an exhilarating marathon marked by hurdles, challenges, occasional lows and dizzying highs. In this journey, when a couple strikes upon that a-ha moment, when it rings true for them, a diamond ring immediately comes to mind. It’s no mere coincidence that the sparkler you seek to fortify your relationship is an organic and historic symbol of the spark of love in your hearts.

“Diamonds are nature’s most apt metaphor for human relationships, they reflect the resilience, strength, transparency and eternity of a couple’s bond.”

Ranjani Krishnaswamy, General Manager – Marketing, Tanishq

Just as you lovingly and patiently craft an evolving relationship into an everlasting bond, a natural diamond is nurtured from dirt to dazzling beauty.

A Royal Proposal – The World’s First Diamond Engagement Ring

The first natural diamond engagement ring was presented over 500 years ago.

The word diamond originates from the Latin word ‘adamas’, which means invincible. But it wasn’t until the 15th Century – when convention dictated plain gold engagement rings – that a European monarch changed the game of love and commitment with this lustrous, indestructible mineral. In the year 1477, in the Imperial court in Vienna, 18-year old Archduke Maximilian of Hamburg proposed to the 20-year old Mary of Burgundy with a diamond engagement ring that featured “long and narrow diamonds” mounted in the shape of an M. The engagement was followed by one of the biggest celebrity weddings of that era, sparking a trend for natural diamond engagement rings amongst royals.

From royal betrotheds to modern-day lovers, natural diamond rings have been the number one choice to formalise relationships over the centuries. Abhishek Rastogi, Head of Design, Tanishq attributes this association to a deep-seated human search for invincibility. “Everyone’s looking for strong relationships that last forever. The emotion behind the concept of undying love is what gives us the inspiration to design some of the most beautiful rings for Tanishq. The engagement ring is not just any other jewellery meant for adornment. It’s a sentimental, extremely personal jewel, a symbol for the bond between two people.”

The Ultimate Symbol Of  Love

The very nature of natural diamonds make them unmatched markers of eternal love.

A natural diamond ring proposal is in a class of its own. Diamonds capture the intimacy of the moment, like no other token of love. A diamond’s glittering surface holds much depth, just like the human story it symbolizes. While the world sees squeals of joy, radiant smiles, and a brilliant ring, only the two people engaged know the tests and tears that  they have privately overcome to become more resilient as individuals and a force to be reckoned with, together. Similarly, a natural diamond doesn’t just jump off a retail shelf onto your fiancée’s hand. Like your love, it undergoes several trials by fire – literally – to become indomitable. This promise of sterling provenance with complete transparency mirrors the conviction that life partners have in each other. “World-class diamond sourcing and faultless grading processes strengthen our natural diamonds at every stage”, assures Ranjani Krishnaswamy. “Each diamond is carefully nurtured, cut, shaped, refined, and polished into a thing of sheer brilliance and lasting value.”

Slow And Steadfast Commitment

Each natural diamond engagement ring from Tanishq is truly unique and built to last a lifetime.

Whether exchanged in a grand ceremony or in a quiet, personal moment, a diamond ring signals deep commitment. As doubts melt and apprehensions fade away, the dazzling jewel reflects a clear vision for the future. Krishnaswamy draws a parallel between the finality of a couple’s decision to a diamond taking shape.

“Cutting and shaping a diamond is a highly skilled and meticulous task, but once it’s done, there’s no going back. It’s a fortress, nothing will break it. This is an emotional assurance for the couple that is essentially taking a leap of faith.”

Of course, it isn’t all heart over practical matters! A couple that has invested in each other with a healthy evaluation of emotional and practical compatibility, understands the long-term value of investing in a natural diamond ring. At Tanishq, over 20 million ethically-sourced, conflict-free natural diamonds are checked and certified by expert gemologists before they are set into classic and contemporary designs. This impeccable provenance is matched by consistent long-term support. “We are the only jeweller to offer an exchange on our diamond jewellery at prevailing selling prices, across 360+ countrywide stores,” says Krishnaswamy. 100% caratage assurance and precise pricing offer a couple – and their families – the promise of brilliance to last for a lifetime.

Minimalists To Power Couples – There’s A Diamond Ring For All Lovers

Natural diamond engagement rings from Tanishq that perfectly combine simplicity and style.

With commitment conquered, a couple is high on spirits to choose a ring design that complements their personalities. While Tanishq’s unrivalled range of diamond rings are a dream for on-trend layering and stacking, Rastogi and his design team have a soft corner for minimal designs.

“Over time, we have realised that a love affair with natural diamonds always starts with clean and crisp design that outshines any other ornament and stands out with its brilliant simplicity.”

Abhishek Rastogi, Head of Design, Tanishq

For a choice that “celebrates strength like no other”, Rastogi points to the Tanishq solitaire ring in a four-prong setting. For a couple that likes sharp, powerful lines, he recommends a princess-cut solitaire diamond with a tiger-claw setting, “sculpted beautifully to enhance the table of the diamond”. A heart-shaped solitaire with a three-prong setting – giving a beautiful, no-metal, floating effect to the ring – is ideal for the flamboyant romantics. Furthermore, he encourages couples to look at the fine details; personalisation options make your symbol of love truly unique. From inscribing initials to symbols and messages, your ring can be marked with your special touch.

Whether you walk into a store with a mood-board of design references or a clean slate, there is a unique diamond ring for every vision of a life together. Expert customisation assures that the diamond jewel on your finger is a dazzling personification of the moment when it rings true for both of you. Whether tucked into a box waiting to surprise your partner or chosen with great deliberation by both of you, this natural diamond ring has been on an epic journey that mirrors your own love story – exciting, extremely challenging, a tad frustrating but eventually a triumph of the luminosity of love, a promise to stay strong, committed and sparkling for an eternity.