DiamondView is a desktop diamond verification instrument for loose and some mounted stones, designed to authenticate diamonds and synthetic diamonds. DiamondView is manually operated and requires an operator to interpret the test results.

It is typically used as a means of examining referral diamonds, but the instrument can be used as a stand-alone instrument as well.

Stone Testing Capability

Weight: 0.05 ct – 10 ct
Colour: All
Shape: All
Diamond Simulants: No
Mounted Stones: Some*

*simple rings and stud earings (not ASSURE tested)

Instrument Performance

Key performance metrics measured for the DiamondView with the ASSURE 2.0 Primary Sample:

Diamond False Positive Rate (optimal rate 0%): 0%
Diamond Referral Rate (optimal rate 0%): 0%
Diamond Accuracy Rate (optimal rate 100%): 99.6%

The Primary Sample is tested three times and consists of 350 loose diamonds and 100 loose synthetic diamonds. The stones are 0.03 ct to 0.20 ct in D-J colour.

The measured testing speed for the DiamondView is 94 stones per hour.

Instrument Capabilities

Automated Feed: No
Automated Results: No
Automated Dispense: No
Detect or Refer (Synthetic Diamonds): Detect
Detect or Refer (Diamond Simulants): N/A
Multiple Stones at Once: No
Training Required: Yes, including familiarisation with a DiamondView image library

The determination of stone type is made by the operator based on an interpretation of the DiamondView image. The following results can be concluded:

  1. Diamond
  2. Synthetic diamond

An experienced user can judge whether the stone under test is a natural or synthetic diamond, however in rare instances additional measurements may need to be used for a conclusive determination. DiamondView comes with additional filters to aid with interpretation of blue fluorescing CVD synthetics.

Instrument Specifications

Size: 20 cm (W) x 40 cm (D) x 25 cm (H)
Weight: 13 kg

Price: 36,000 USD (April 2023)

Contact information



Sales Administrator: +44 2078915539  during United Kingdom (UK) Business Hours

ASSURE 2.0 Tested and Published: April 2022

ASSURE ID: 230402