Stone Testing Capability

Weight: 0.05 ct – 10 ct
Colour: D-J (failsafe across all colours although natural fancy colours will give a higher referral rate)
Shape: All
Diamond Simulants: Yes
Mounted Stones: No

Instrument Performance

Key performance metrics measured for the DiamondSure with the ASSURE 2.0 Primary Sample:

Diamond False Positive Rate (optimal rate 0%): 0%
Diamond Referral Rate (optimal rate 0%): 5.3%
Diamond Accuracy Rate (optimal rate 100%): 94.7%

The Primary Sample is tested three times and consists of 350 loose diamonds, 100 loose synthetic diamonds and 50 loose diamond simulants. The stones are 0.03 ct to 0.20 ct in D-J colour.

The measured test speed for the DiamondSure is 203 stones per hour.

Instrument Capabilities

Automated Feed: No
Automated Results: Yes
Automated Dispense: No
Detect or Refer (Synthetic Diamonds): Refer
Detect or Refer (Diamond Simulants): Refer
Multiple Stones at Once: No
Training Required: No

The instrument tests individual stones and automatically displays one of the following results:

  1. Pass
  2. Pass (check with thermal pen)
  3. Refer for further tests
  4. Refer for further tests (type Ib component)
  5. Refer for further tests (type II)
  6. Refer for further tests (possible type IaB)
  7. Refer (test for moissanite)

The ‘Refer’ results could contain potential synthetic diamonds, diamond simulants and diamonds. These referrals should be tested further for full verification.

Instrument Specifications

Size: 17 cm (W) x 26 cm (D) x 10 cm (H)
Weight: 3.5 kg

Price: 18,200 USD (November 2022)

Contact information



Sales Administrator: +44 2078915539   during United Kingdom (UK) Business Hours

ASSURE 2.0 Tested and Published: November 2022

ASSURE ID: 221102